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Daily Dose - Lightspark: Free, Open Flash

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Daily Dose - Lightspark: Free, Open Flash

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A free and open source Flash player has emerged this week in beta.  The Lightspark beta is close to having full ActionScript 3 support and it even includes debugging and profiling tools.  The software uses hardware accelerated OpenGL-based rendering and works as a standalone player or as a Mozilla plugin.  Lightspark is 100% compliant with SWF specifications, say the developers, so no reverse engineering is involved.  Another interesting project is Gordon, which is an open source Flash runtime written completely in JavaScript

Microsoft Suing Salesforce.com
Nine patents were cited this week in Microsoft's lawsuit filing against Salesforce.com.  The patents cover very general and widespread functionalities such as a "system and method for providing and displaying a Web page having an embedded menu" and a "method and system for stacking toolbars in a computer display."  Microsoft also sells CRM software, but none of the patents are related to those products.

"I Think We Should Try the Other Box"

Google was showing off its new effort to change the way we watch TV and surf the web at Google I/O today.  The remote communication for the Google TV demo was destroyed by the amount of cellphone connections in the room, so the presentation didn't go as planned (the presenter kept saying "I think we should try the other box."  He must have said it at least ten times), but audience members got the picture.  The software features a search function that includes both TV channel and web results.  Users can DVR future episodes if they have a DVR box, and they can search the web while the TV runs in the background.  Android phones can become remotes, and Android apps can be accessed through Google TV.

Open Web Fonts From Google
This week, Google released 18 free fonts and an open source browser tool that makes them display properly.  Google intends to continue building a portfolio of open web fonts that are uncopyrighted. WebFont Loader, an open source tool, will provide code to help web developers manage the fonts for different browsers.  

5 things you didn't know about ... java.util.concurrent, Part 1
So you think you know about Java programming? The fact is, most developers scratch the surface of the Java platform, learning just enough to get the job done.  Thank you, alireza.haghighatkhah, for this link.

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