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Daily Dose - Nero AG Hits MPEG-LA With Antitrust Lawsuit

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Daily Dose - Nero AG Hits MPEG-LA With Antitrust Lawsuit

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The German tech company, Nero AG, is suing MPEG-LA on antitrust charges this week because of the organization's burgeoning patent pool which now encumbers almost every video codec available.  People have even questioned whether open source video codecs like Ogg Theora and VP8 infringe on MPEG-LA's patents.  The MPEG-LA CEO, Larry Horn, has confirmed that he's gathering a patent pool to go after Google's recently open sourced VP8 codec.  Some backlash is hitting MPEG-LA now that Nero AG is claiming that LA has gained 100% of the codec market share and abused their position.  They have allegedly used independent experts that were not actually independent, and they have not removed non-essential patents from the pool.  The pool, as a result, has grown from the original 53 patents to over 1,000.  The organization has also been accused of retroactively changing previously-agreed-on licensing terms.

Twitter Boots Third-Party Advertisers
The terms of service for developers using Twitter will be updated this week to exclude in-stream, third-party advertising.  Ad networks like Ad.ly and 140 Proof could be undone by this recent change, aimed at preserving the quality of the Twitter user experience.  Twitter is also tired of bearing the cost of maintenance for these advertisers that don't bring the company any value or revenue.  However, Chris Dixon, a co-founder of an ad agency called Hunch, was very frustrated with the announcement and has been quoted saying, "Twitter is like a drunk guy with an uzi killing partners left and right.  Expect investment in ecosystem to drop significantly."

HP Drops Windows 7 from the Slate - It's Going to Run WebOS

All the speculation about the demise of Windows 7 on the HP Slate and an upcoming WebOS-based tablet have been confirmed by HP Taiwan.  As expected, HP is planning to roll out a new wave of smartphones and tablets based on the innovative and highly open Palm platform.  HP will not be adopting WebOS for notebooks and desktops.  The Slate will hit shelves sometime before October, according to the report.

All Signs Point to An iPhone 4 Unveiling on June 7th
Apple has announced that Steve Jobs will be the keynote speaker for the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference on June 7th.  Many are expecting Jobs to unveil the fourth generation of iPhones on that date (and maybe tell a few jokes about how it was found in a bar?)  Last year Apple announced the iPhone 3GS, so history says that the iPhone 4G is next.

New Features in Java 7 (Dolphin)
Some more details on what you can expect in Java 7.  Raja Kannappan brought us this link.

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