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Daily Dose - Fedora 13 Lands

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Daily Dose - Fedora 13 Lands

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Microservices! They are everywhere, or at least, the term is. When should you use a microservice architecture? What factors should be considered when making that decision? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Why is everyone so excited about them, anyway?  Brought to you in partnership with IBM.

After a one week delay in the release schedule, Fedora 13 is finally here.  Codenamed "Goddard," this open source Linux distro has several features that other distributions are expected to include in their upcoming versions, including the Bluetooth DUN interface in Network Manager, the KMS based graphics drivers, the experimental 3D support in the Nouveau drivers, and the GNOME Color Manager.  The distro was unable to release the final version on May 18th because of various known blocker bugs.

Chrome 5 For Everyone
The newly-launched Chrome 5 release is the first version to be simultaneously released on all three major operating systems.  Chrome 5 has new features which include browser preference syncing, incognito mode for extensions through the extensions manager, and HTML5 features (Geolocation APIs, App Cache, and file drag and drop).  Flash hasn't been integrated into a stable branch of Chrome yet.

Motorola Loses its Phones Too

Once again, Gizmodo is reporting a "lost" phone - this time from Motorola.  The phone is confirmed to be a Motorola Droid Shadow (running Android of course).  Apparently it was found by a gym employee at a corporate Verizon gym in Washingtion.  The phone has 16GB of internal storage, a Snapdragon processor, an HTMI port, 8MP camera, and a 4.3 inch screen.  This prototype phone "finding" is getting out of hand.

Will Developers Yawn When They Hear About "Sleep"?
Have you heard of the Perl/Objective-C inspired language called Sleep?  It's currently at version 2.1 and calls itself the "duct tape for the Java platform."  It's a multi paradigm scripting language for the Java platform and it excels at data manipulation, component integration, and distributed communication.  It can execute scripts fast, and with a small package size (~250KB).  Does that make you want to yawn?

Can you name the Open Source Project, Programming Language, or Operating System that goes with each Logo?
A super fun logo recognition game on Sporcle.com.  Play it!

Discover how the Watson team is further developing SDKs in Java, Node.js, Python, iOS, and Android to access these services and make programming easy. Brought to you in partnership with IBM.


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