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Daily Dose - HP Trumps IBM in Server Revenue

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Daily Dose - HP Trumps IBM in Server Revenue

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For years, IBM has been at the top of the server game, but a new study by Gartner says that HP is the new leader in server revenues.  In Q1 of 2010 HP recorded $3.39 billion in revenue - IBM… $3.05 billion.  Ten years ago when HP acquired Compaq, the company said it would unseat Big Blue as the server king, and now (according to Gartner's numbers) they have finally done it.

FSF Says Apple App Store Can't Distribute GPL2 Code
The Free Software Foundation is getting on Apple's case about a GPL2 licensed application that's in the App Store.  The application is a port of GNU Go, and the App Store is not in compliance with the GPL's conditions due to conflicts with Apple's T&C.  The developers are also not in compliance with the GPL because they do not openly distribute the application's source code.  Even though the developers say they will make the code available next week, the App Store will still be legally obligated to either remove the app or open up App Store polices.

Runaway Ruby on Rails!
There have been three new version releases of Ruby on Rails this week because of a last minute bug-fix, and then a fix for a newly created flaw.  Rails 2.3.6 was released on Sunday with new features, library updates, and bridge work to Rails 3.  Shortly after the release, some bugs in the XSS prevention features were discovered in the back-ported code from Rails 3.  This led to a hasty 2.3.7 patch which also exposed a new flaw to nearly every user.  Now, Ruby on Rails 2.3.8 has been released, hopefully with no more outstanding bugs.

OpenSUSE Build Service 2.0 Now Available
The first beta of openSUSE Build Service 2.0 is now available from Novell.  The feature complete beta includes a new web-based UI that is "tailor-made for packagers."  The new build service also adds anonymous access, which lets you access packages and projects without logging in.

Tomcat 7 is just around the corner!
With the third release candidate having been released this week, Tomcat 7 is nearly ready for production-ready environments.

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