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Daily Dose - Palm Loses WebOS Lead to Google

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Daily Dose - Palm Loses WebOS Lead to Google

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After losing two leaders of the Android project, Google is filling the void with the lead designer of Palm's WebOS, Matias Duarte.  Duarte, a UI master, will be Android's new User Experience director.  While this is great news for Android fans, it's bad for HP, who is planning to build a mobile empire on WebOS.  They'll have to do it without Duarte

Firefox Home for the iPhone
Although Mozilla detests Apple's closed technology philosophy, the developers have released a Firefox related app called Firefox Home.  It uses Firefox Sync (Mozilla Weave) to let users access their Firefox bookmarks, history, and tabs in the iPhone.  It also gives users a version of the Awesome Bar.  

MeeGo Released
Version 1.0 of Intel and Nokia's MeeGo platform has been released.  MeeGo 1.0 has version 2.6.33 of the Linux kernel.  Udev and DeviceKit are the hardware-application interfaces, and X.org and the Btrfs file system are part of MeeGo as well.  The MeeGo Netbook User Experience has a custom desktop environment for Netbooks with Chrome as the default browser, along with easy social network access and synchronization tools.  The GUI application library is Qt 4.6.2.  The MeeGo for handsets will arrive in June.

Free Android Apps for Call/Text Encryption and Video Calling
Whisper Systems just released two free apps (RedPhone and TextSecure) that encrypt texts and phone calls.  RedPhone encrypts VoIP calls using the ZRTP open standard, while TextSecure encrypts texts using the Off-the-Record-Messaging protocol with elliptic curve-based cryptography.  An application called Fring was also released this week and it brings video calling to Android handsets for free (calls can be made to iPhone or Symbian phones).  

The Next Career Step for a Lifelong Coder?
A developer shares his thoughts about the choices that lie ahead for a lifelong programmer. 

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