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Daily Dose - Adobe Wants Employees to Abandon the iPhone Too

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Daily Dose - Adobe Wants Employees to Abandon the iPhone Too

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Adobe is encouraging employees to eat their own mobile dogfood by giving them all free Android phones (which will soon be running Flash 10.1) at the Google I/O conference.  This is an effort to promote company unity behind the iPhone's competitors after Adobe recently gave up on its effort to penetrate Apple's mobile platform.  Adobe hasn't decided which Android phone it will give to employees (the Nexus One, Droid, and Incredible were mentioned).  The company has about 8,600 employees worldwide.

Jetpack SDK 0.3 Has Landed
Mozilla's Jetpack project for more developer-friendly Firefox add-on development (with web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) has released its 0.3 SDK.  The SDK features its first two high-level APIs.  They include the "context-menu" API, which lets add-ons add items to web page context menus, and the "self" API, which lets add-ons access resources like icons and web pages.  Versions 0.4 and 0.5 of Jetpack are currently being discussed on Google Groups.  The SDK requires Firefox 3.6 and Python 2.5 or greater.

US FTC Urges Antitrust Suit Against Google
In reference to Google's planned $750 million acquisition of AdMob, the US Federal Trade Commission staff are opposed to the merger and encouraging an antitrust lawsuit filing, according to BusinessWeek.  It will be up to the five commission members of the FTC to either approve the deal or follow the advice of their staff.  Several advertisers are worried that the AdMob deal will reduce choice and drive up advertising costs for competitors.  Last month, Google tried pointing to Apple's recently unveiled iAds program to support its case that the mobile advertising space was very competitive.  

New Toolkit Makes Symbian Accessible to Any Web Developer
Symbian rolled out its new mobile web app development tools for the Symbian platform this weekend.  The new tools allow developers who know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to access some of the deepest device functionality in Symbian phones, including camera, sensors, and geolocation.  Using Symbian's tools adds debugging, deployment features, and mobile-specific app previews to basic web app development.

The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash
This post is no Apple vs. Flash rant.  Instead it's an interesting look at the future of consumer computing and what Apple may be doing to prepare for it.  This link is brought to you by pt93903

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