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Daily Dose - What Do You Want To See in Silverlight 5?

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Daily Dose - What Do You Want To See in Silverlight 5?

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There's no rest for Microsoft's Silverlight team.  They are already preparing to schedule new features to go into Silverlight 5.  Version 4 was announced at the MIX 10 conference, and in an effort to maintain their fast tempo of Silverlight releases, Microsoft is gathering feedback for the new features that should go into Silverlight 5.  Anybody who develops in XAML should take the Silverlight 5 survey and let your voice be heard.  I'd bet good money that a stable Silverlight 5 beta (at least) will be out before the end of the year.

Opsview 3.7 Free Edition Released
The Opsview network management system, which is based on open source Nagios, includes notification enhancements in the newly released version 3.7.  Opsview Community Edition 3.7 features new methods and controls for network notifications as well as an option that causes alerts during every failure.  3.7 now supports Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and SNMPv3 with MRTG, better uptime checks, flap detection, and faster importing.  The 3.2.1 version of the Nagios core is used in this recent release of Opsview.  The software works with Ubuntu, Solaris 10, Debian, CentOS5, RHEL5, or a VMWare Player image.

MacRuby 0.6 is Ready for Cocoa
Closing out a successful four months of development, the MacRuby team recently released version 0.6.  This release is now officially stable for Cocoa development.  There is now experimental support for debugging in the compiler and VM.  There are also new String, Hash, and Regexp classes to try out.  The new version has about an 85% global RubySpecs pass rate.

2 Microsoft Tablets Scrapped
Microsoft might be raising the white flag in its bid for a piece of the tablet market.  They just lost two projects this weekend - the Microsoft Courier and the HP Slate.  The courier was intended to be a book-like folding tablet that would be used as an eJournal, while the Slate was HP's answer to the iPad, and it included Windows 7 as the OS.  Now Microsoft seems to be getting left behind in this emerging market with HP acquiring Palm for a possible new approach to the mobile device domain.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook
Users of Facebook should know that none of their profile data is really 'private'.

Courier image via Engadget

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