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Daily Dose - Not a Joke: GitHub Getting Broad Subversion Support

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Daily Dose - Not a Joke: GitHub Getting Broad Subversion Support

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You probably thought it was an April Fools joke when GitHub announced Subversion read-only support on April 1st.  However, the people at GitHub announced this month that GitHub has added Subversion write support.  Developers can now use tools like SmartSVN or Tortoise SVN to collaborate on Git projects.  This move is possibly meant to attract Subversion (and Google Code) users who aren't ready to use Git yet.  Right now the support is considered beta functionality.  To try it out, just enter your GitHub credentials into this URL: http://svn.github.com/[user]/[repository]

Google: Making Machine Translation
In the newest release of Google Goggles smartphones are able to take pictures of five different Latin-based languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) and translate them into even more languages.  Cool, right?  Google is innovating rapidly in its translation software.  They recently included automated captioning in YouTube videos and auto-translation for websites in Chrome.  Google is even developing software for smartphones that will provide real-time voice translation into the language of the person on the other line.

FCC to Continue the Fight for Net Neutrality
According to the New York Times, the Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission says he's going to try and regulate broadband Internet service despite a recent court ruling that said such powers were beyond the FCC.  The commission will continue to argue that ISP's are a type of service that the FCC is able to regulate under current law.  The FCC has little power over information services, but it has much more power over certain utilities, and the FCC will argue that broadband service is also a utility.  Companies like Amazon and Google, who don't want users limited by ISP-induced bottlenecks,  support the FCC's quest for Net Neutrality.

Release Candidate for Linux Mint 9
Linux Mint is the third most popular distro behind Ubuntu and Fedora.  The development team has just released a release candidate for Linux Mint 9 that includes a re-write of the Software Manager and the Desktop Settings tool.  Linux Mint 9 also has mint4win, a windows installer based on Wubi.  There is also an incremental Backup Tool and menu improvements.  

Mind Mapping: Overview, Benefits, Tips and Tools
Mind mapping is a technique which is performed individually in order to produce visualizes makeup and categorizes these arrays of different ideas.

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