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Daily Dose - Will Patent Trolls Buy Novell?

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Daily Dose - Will Patent Trolls Buy Novell?

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Novell revealed last week that it was putting itself up for auction after turning down a $2 billion acquisition offer.  The thing that has the software industry worried is Novell's mother-load of patents: at least 450 related to office applications, identity management, networking, Unix, and more.  Some especially valuable Unix copyrights affect Linux.  Companies like Oracle or Cisco would acquire Novell for its maintenance streams or products, but most of the bidders are private equity firms, which could end up being patent trolls once they get their hands on Novell.  We can only hope that Novell is careful who it sells its business to.

Firefox 6-bit for Windows
An early release of a 64 bit version of Firefox for Windows has been released this week.  Mozilla is planning to support 64 bit processors in the upcoming Firefox 4, and this support could become final before the end of the year.  Nightly builds for 64 bit Linux and Mac OS X versions have been available since April 9th.

Skype-to-Skype is Free, Except for the New 3G
Skype unveiled its new iPhone app that allows users to make Skype calls via 3G networks.  For now, the calls are in a free trial period until September 2010, so you don't need WiFi to make a call on an iPhone via Skype.  However, for the first time Skype will be charging for Skype-to-Skype 3G calls with a small monthly fee.  Some users are angered by the fees, saying that Skype is breaking their promise that Skype-to-Skype calls would be free forever.

Another Crazy Google Maps Lawsuit
A woman is suing Google after she got hit by a car while following Google Maps directions onto a highway.  The walking directions beta warning didn't appear on her BlackBerry when she was getting directions.  She's asking for $100k in hopes that Google will just settle.

Java 7 : Oracle pushes a first version of closures
Looks like Oracle is finally making progress on bringing closures to Java 7.  Baptiste Wicht graciously posted this link.

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