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Daily Dose - GNOME 3.0: Which Modules Made the Cut?

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Daily Dose - GNOME 3.0: Which Modules Made the Cut?

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Project release manager Vincent Untz posted a synopsis of the new modules that will be included in GNOME 3.0.  The GNOME Activity Journal didn't make the cut and neither did the Clutter GUI, but the GNOME Shell did.  So did the GNOME Color Manager and the Caribou text entry and UI navigation application.  GNOME Speech is being replaced by Open TTS.

Google Gets a Caffeine Injection
Back when Google started, it could only update its index every four months, now the company has introduced a new indexing system called Caffeine that delivers near-continuous indexing.  It takes up nearly 100 million GBs of storage in one database and adds hundreds of thousands of GBs of new information per day.  Google claims that Caffeine-driven search results will be 50% fresher than the previous index.

WordPress 3.0 on the Verge of Release
The 3.0 version of WordPress will include a number of new features including enhanced menu management and and themes.  There will also be support for custom theme backgrounds and the ability to bulk update items.  Now if it can just get some better security there wouldn't be so many site-hackings, which have grown lately.

Foggy PHP Resembles Heroku
"PHP Fog is like Heroku for PHP. But better."  That's what it says on the newly launched PHP Fog site.  The cloud platform, currently in private beta, will have one-click installations for popular PHP apps and you'll have full access to the source via GIT.  You'll just push code changes and the PHP Fog system will publish them in the cloud.  They'll also handle things like failover, database maintenance, scaling, and plumbing.

Hiring misses: When we turn someone down for the wrong reasons
Read a funny story about the fickle nature of hiring people.

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