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Daily Dose - iPad Owners Exposed to Spam and Hacks

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A security breach exposed an exclusive email list of early-adopter iPad 3G subscribers, which included White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Diane Sawyer of ABC News, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the New York Times' CEO, and a US Air Force commander.  The security hole, which has been closed this week, could have potentially opened all 3G iPad owners up to spam marketers and hackers.  AT&T is seemingly to blame for this incident.

Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 Final Release
Some have had Flash 10.1 since the RC was made available a few months ago, but if you waited until the new-and-improved Flash was totally stable, then the wait is over.  Adobe released the GA version of Flash 10.1.  The new release brings some much-needed hardware acceleration and optimization for mobile phones.  Mac users will have to wait a little longer for hardware acceleration.  AIR 2 final was also released.

Turkey Blocks Some Google Services
In Turkey, a country with a longstanding ban on Google's YouTube, access has been blocked to Google services like Translate, Docs, and Books.  Google believes that this "ban" is actually an accidental side-effect of the YouTube ban.  Google says they are working out the issues with Turkish officials.  In the meantime, Turkey is asking Google to pay millions of dollars in back-taxes for YouTube, even though the site has been banned for some time.

Ubuntu on a Tablet
In late 2011 we could see tablets running the Ubuntu operating system.  Canonical says it is currently working on a new lightweight version of Ubuntu that would be optimized for tablets and other mobile devices.  The tablet OS would be merged with the current netback OS - Ubuntu Light.  Canonical is currently talking with hardware makers about the most efficient components to run Ubuntu on a small device.

Notepad++ Leaves SourceForge
The developers of open source Notepad++ are leaving SourceForge because of the site's block on five countries.  Did anyone tell them that the blocking is now optional?

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