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Daily Dose - The Winds of Change Blow for the OSI

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Daily Dose - The Winds of Change Blow for the OSI

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Simon Phipps acknowledged some of the "stone throwing" aimed at the Open Source Initiative.  Some of the criticism, he said, was not without merit.  But today, he announced that members of the open source community have a chance to be the change they seek and join the OSI board.  Phipps says that the board recently asked him to create a new charter that imposes term limits to make room for "new blood."  He also mentions that many of the long-term board members are leaving this year and next year.  Phipps hopes to widen the scope of the OSI to open data and open cloud computing.  

Apple Gets Into More Trouble
Investigations and lawsuits are being targeted at Apple this week.  The lawsuit comes from an online ad firm that has already trademarked the name "iAds".  The investigation relates to Apple's Flash and AdMob-barring changes to its App Store Terms and Conditions.  The FTC will likely be the department to investigate whether Apple is using its success at the App Store to hurt competitors.  The US Department of Justice has also started examining Apple's influence on digital music pricing.

Ubuntu Tablet Reports Prove False
Mark Shuttleworth from Canonical cleared up the Ubuntu-for-Tablets rumor this week.  Apparently his comments in a recent interview were misinterpreted and news sources thought Shuttleworth was talking with hardware vendors about tablet-sized components that would run Ubuntu well.  Canonical will only be working with OEMs on Ubuntu Light, a special netbook and laptop version of Ubuntu that's used in parallel with Windows.

Padrino Builds on Sinatra
A new Ruby framework has emerged recently that's built on the Sinatra microframework.  Padrino expands on Sinatra and is self-described as "The Elegant Ruby Web Framework."  It fits right between Sinatra and a large framework like Ruby on Rails.  It should provide the modularity for Ruby devs who don't want to migrate to Rails 3 yet.

Free Open Source UML Tools
Who says you need to pay for a good UML tool?  This link from Vivek Amar says you don't. 

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