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Daily Dose - Apple Sues HTC Some More

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Daily Dose - Apple Sues HTC Some More

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You might remember that Apple filed an infringement suit against handset-maker HTC earlier this year based on several patents.  Some saw this as an indirect attack on Android, since HTC makes the most Android phones.  HTC promptly fired back with its own lawsuit, and this week Apple sued HTC over another patent, this one more focused on a UI feature.  Of course, it will be many many months until we know the outcomes of these cases.

Rakudo Star (a "usable Perl 6")
The release date for the Rakudo Star implementation of Perl 6 keeps getting pushed back, but now the new release date of July 29 seems pretty firm.  Rakudo uses the Parrot VM 2.5.  Notably, the compiler will be separated from the runtime.

Yahoo Throws a Boomerang
A new piece of performance enhancing JavaScript has been released by Yahoo.  The Boomerang tracker will measure website performance from an end user's perspective.  It is able to send the data back to the server and it lets you find out how fast your users "think" the site is.

Spiceworks Reaches Out
Spiceworks, Inc. has launched a new "reach" program that is gathering integration APIs and services from various cloud service vendors.  This will allow users to manage an even wider array of services and on-site technology through the Spiceworks UI.  Participants include HP, Rackspace, and Symantec.

Why Tabs are on Top in Firefox 4
A user experience breakdown of Firefox's new option to put tabs on top.

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