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Daily Dose - Firefox 4.0 Sneaks its First Release

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Daily Dose - Firefox 4.0 Sneaks its First Release

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Mozilla quietly pushed the first beta release of Firefox 4 this week, with no feature lists or announcements yet.  If you've been using 3.7 then there should be no surprises since there haven't been any significant additions since 3.7 Alpha 6.  The browser is however, moving more smoothly and it is significantly stronger in its SunSpider scores.  It even surpasses IE9 in some HTML5 hardware acceleration, specifically Microsoft's own flying images test.  For more info on what to expect in 4.0, check out this article.

Chrome OS Architect Goes to Facebook
This might seem like DejaVu if you recall when Erick Tseng, the Android Product manager, left Google for Facebook in May.  Now Matthew Papakipos, the guy who started Chrome OS and led it, is leaving Google for Facebook.  One wonders if Facebook is preparing to make something revolutionary soon, since they acquired Firefox co-founders Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt three years ago and Gmail creators Bret Taylor and Paul Buchheit about two years ago.

New Tiles

Apache Tiles 2.2.2 has been released this week with native support for FreeMarker (no longer based on JSP).  Tiles is a templating framework used to simplify UI development.  It grew in popularity as a component of Apache Struts and then was extracted to become independent in other frameworks like Struts 2 and Shale.  Version 2.2.2 also includes support for Velocity, pattern matching using regular expressions, OGNL,  and MVEL.

Yahoo Enhances Hadoop
At the Hadoop Summit this week, Yahoo announced two new packages for the platform.  First, they released Oozie, a new workflow engine/job manager that includes Apache Pig and MapReduce.  They also released 'Hadoop with Security,' which amounts to a set of security updates that enable stronger authentication.  Both downloads are available for free.

Scala Expressiveness
One reason why you might like using Scala.  Many thanks to Hossam Karim for posting this link.

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