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Daily Dose - WebSockets Updated and RLZ Open Sourced

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Daily Dose - WebSockets Updated and RLZ Open Sourced

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The Chromium blog announced today the updating of the WebSocket specification and the open sourcing of the RLZ library for Chrome.  The RLZ library has helped Google accurately track and measure the success of marketing promotions and distribution partnerships so they could meet contractual obligations.  It assigns non-unique promotion tracking labels to client products.  The WebSocket protocol is still being actively changed in the W3C so Google is continuing to move forward with their implementation without worrying about breaking changes.  The spec has been updated to draft-ietf-hybi-thewebsocketprotocol-00, which is easier to implement with HTTP libraries.  

sudoSocial: A Lifestream Platform from Mozilla
"Take control of your stream," is the tagline for Mozilla's experimental social publishing platform, sudoSocial.  The program lets you edit your homepage's design using CSS, JavaScript, or Processing.js.  Your sudoSocial page is able to curate (eventually) any stream of content on the web and organize it in a feed.

Still Using COBOL?  Here's a Tool for You
Working in COBOL is as easy as Ruby, C#, or VB with the Visual COBOL plugin for VS 2010.  It supports managed .NET COBOL code along with streamlined COBOL syntax for .NET programming.  There's also rich support for the traditional procedural programming in COBOL - for all you old-timers out there.

Firefox Sync (Formerly Weave) Graduates from Mozilla Labs
Originally called the Mozilla Weave project, Firefox sync is now an official part of the Firefox roadmap.  The program is currently available as an add-on, but soon it will be an integrated feature in a later Firefox release.  Unlike Chrome's bookmark synchronization, Firefox Sync doesn't share your surfing habits (plus, it also syncs open tabs).  Firefox Sync encrypts your data and the server operators have no access to it.  

Who has written this crappy code?
This webcomic reveals that the crappy coder might be you!  Thanks to Thierry Lefort for the link.

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