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Daily Dose - OSI Approves WebM as Open Source

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Daily Dose - OSI Approves WebM as Open Source

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Google switched the custom license for their WebM package to the OSI-approved BSD license this weekend.  The Open Source Initiative had some issues with the previous BSD-like license on WebM because the copyright and patent grants were combined within the license.  The new license separates the patent and copyright grants and is GPL compatible.  Simon Phipps said he was glad to see the modifications, and declared that WebM was now truly open source.

Still Waiting for Bilski Decision
The US Supreme Court is expected to make a decision on the Bilski case sometime this month after more than 200 days of deliberation.  The Bilski decision could have far reaching implications for the US patent system - software included.  Bilski has already become the longest wait for a Supreme Court patent decision.  

Bamboo 2.6 Explodes With 100 Remote Agents
Atlassian has released version 2.6 of their Continuous Integration tool, Bamboo.  The scalability has been improved by allowing more plans simultaneously on as many as 100 remote agents.  Previous versions only supported 25.  With the increase in the number of builds possible, Atlassian also added more tools to the UI to manage more builds.

Nielsen: iPhone has 3x the Market Share of Android.
A new report by the Neilsen company says that the iPhone has 28% of the smartphone market share while Android has 9%.  The largest market share is held by the BlackBerry OS (35%) and the third largest behind the iPhone is Windows Mobile (19%).  Not many details about the data were shown in the article about how the data was obtained, but since Symbian is only at 2%, it's probably only a survey of North America.

Top 5 JavaScript to convert boring data to stylish chart
Make good looking charts and diagrams with JavaScript.  Gourisd Mas posted the link.

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