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Daily Dose - Bringing Google Maps into Emacs

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Daily Dose - Bringing Google Maps into Emacs

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Julien Danjou has created the google-maps-el project, a Google Maps Emacs extension which lets you work with the maps from inside Emacs.  It implements the Geocoding API and Static maps API.  You can type M-x google-maps to see the a place marked on the map when you type it in.  There's also plenty more that you can do.

Store.js is a new localStorage wrapper that doesn't use cookies.  It instead uses localStorage, globalStorage, and userData behavior.  It exposes a simple API for cross browser local storage, and it works with several versions of each major browser.

Rhodes 2.0 Now Free
The GA release of the Ruby-coded Rhodes 2.0 framework marks the first version that is free and open source under the MIT license.  Rhodes is a nice little framework for creating applications to run on each major mobile platform.  Apps are developed in HTML and Ruby.  The new version supports things like HD audio/video and custom dynamic database schema.

Unified Chrome Menu
Google is testing a new menu in the Dev channel that combines most of the options in the page and wrench menus.  The menu uses one line for copy, cut, and paste commands and zoom controls.  The feature is enabled by adding --new-wrench-menu to the application shortcut.

Apache Tomcat 7 has been released
If you haven't heard already, the first beta of Tomcat 7 is out!  Go get some.  Posted by Joanna Duff.

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