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Daily Dose - In the Future, Twelve Year Olds Will Write Your Android App

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Daily Dose - In the Future, Twelve Year Olds Will Write Your Android App

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You heard me.  Along with its announcement of the Google App Inventor for Android, Google also mentioned that the free software had been tested on nursing students, university undergrads (non-CS majors), high school girls, and sixth graders.  That means it's possible that the next "Killer Android App(!)" might come from a 12 year old.  Possible… but not likely.  There have also been a lot of bloggers lamenting the doom and downfall of the Android platform if we let these amateurs clog up the Android Marketplace with their dinky little apps.  The end is near!  The children are taking our jobs!

Oracle Coherence Gains Session Management Support for .NET
The next version of Oracle Coherence, 3.6, was released this week with new security extensions, greater data reliability, and session management for .NET applications.  3.6 introduces Coherence Quorum, which is a set of configurable cluster and service policies for more proactive control.  Coherence 3.6 also comes with new features for distributed environment transactions and new CohQL syntax.

UK Contemplates Cutting Costs with FOSS
The British PM David Cameron has called for suggestions to save the government money.  The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne suggested in a spending review that government services migrate from Microsoft products over to Linux and other open source software like OpenOffice.org.  The British Cabinet Office also suggesting getting rid of unnecessary government websites.

Windows Phone 7 Beta Tools
After release several alpha-grade versions of the Windows Phone 7 SDK, Microsoft has finally released a package that is beta-quality.  Microsoft says this pack is a "near final version" with Expression Blend fully integrated.  Early WP7 devices are also shipping this week so developers can test their apps in the wild.  Some evidence suggests that the first Windows Phone devices will go on sale in October.

SitePoint jQuery: Novice to Ninja book is free for 24 hours
Spain has won the World Cup.  Which means that SitePoint is giving away it's jQuery Novice to Ninja ebook for free.  If the Netherlands had won, we'd be getting "Simply JavaScript."  Rich LaMarche posted this link.

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