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Daily Dose - Hibernate 3.5.4 and 3.6 Beta 1 Released in Tandem

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Daily Dose - Hibernate 3.5.4 and 3.6 Beta 1 Released in Tandem

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JBoss delivered the final version of its Hibernate 3.5.4 maintenance release this week along with the first beta of 3.6, which adds some new features.  First of all, 3.6 will drop support for JDK 1.4.  It will also merge some modules into the core (specifically hibernate-jmx and hibernate-annotations).  Several limitations will also be fixed in Hibernate 3.6.

KDevelop Releases 1st Patch for 4.0
It was a major update when KDevelop, a C/C++/PHP IDE, reached version 4.  Now the first patch has come in with plenty of bugfixes to polish up the release.  You can find the change log here.

Phone Gap Integrated into Symbian 3
Symbian was added to the list of wrappers that PhoneGap uses to harness native phone hardware and features.  The Symbian wrapper offers GPS, accelerometer, camera, orientation sensors, and a connection to the local contact database.  The framework provides these functions through JavaScript classes that go into your web applications.

Chrome Gets Resource-Blocking for AdBlock - Thanks to Webkit
Using the beforeload event on the document, the Chrome Adblock extension can now intercept resources from loading.  This effectively makes the extension more powerful than Firefox's popular version of Adblock.  Google, however, isn't the one who deserves credit for the resource-blocking ability.  The WebKit team at Apple made the upgrade possible.

Developers Still the Most In-Demand IT Workers
Good news for Java and .NET developers.  You're still a hot commodity!

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