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Daily Dose - DTrace Co-inventor Leaves Oracle

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Daily Dose - DTrace Co-inventor Leaves Oracle

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Yet another great developer has left Oracle this week.  Bryan Cantrill, the co-inventor of DTrace, gave a heartfelt farewell to the company he joined in 1996.  In his praise of the pre-Oracle Sun Microsystems, Cantrill also has a few well-veiled criticisms likely aimed at the new culture under Oracle.  Statements like: "[Sun] fostered an environment where the OS [Open Source] was viewed not as a regrettable drag on progress, but rather as a nexus of innovation," and "One of Sun’s greatest strengths was that we technologists were never discouraged from interacting directly and candidly with our customers and users, and many of our most important innovations came from these relationships," reveal that Cantrill, like so many other prominent Sun developers, had problems with Oracle's closed mindset.

EU Initiates Antitrust Probe Into IBM's Mainframe Business
The European Commission branch of the EU has finally launched its investigation into IBM's business practices regarding the mainframe market.  T3 Technologies and the open source TurboHercules have both complained to the EU about IBM's alleged monopoly over the mainframe domain.  IBM is also dealing with a US Dept. of Justice investigation and a lawsuit from Neon.

Want to be Google's Canary?
Is the bleeding edge not bloody enough for you?  Well Chrome has you covered.  The Chromium team is now releasing even less stable builds under the title "Canary Build," which gets new features even earlier than the dev channel but it is less stable.  You can also run the canary builds alongside another channel of Chrome, so you are able to use a stable version.  Right now it's only available for Windows.

Visual WebGui 6.4 Branches Out
Gizmox, the c ompany that has been building Visual WebGui for three years, has just released the first release candidate for VWG 6.4  The new version leverages desktop developer skills with a form-based VB6-like experience called VWG application, and leverages web developer skills with a declarative XAML experience called VWG sites.  VWG's goal has been to simplify enterprise Ajax development.

Upgrading to Maven 3
Some gotchas to look out for when migrating to Maven 3.  Posted by James Lorenzen.

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