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Daily Dose - Rails 3 Arrives at First RC Station

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Daily Dose - Rails 3 Arrives at First RC Station

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Since the last beta, Ruby on Rails 3.0 has had over 842 commits by 125 developers.  That's the level of polish you can expect when you download the first release candidate for RoR 3, which is now available.  The fixes have focused on bringing Rails 3 performance up to the levels of version 2.3.  Other changes in the first RC include support for shallow routes (for shorter URLs), support for the MySQL2 gem, and fixes to the auto-loading and web encoding issues.  

Redis' Evil Twin is Born!
Salvatore Sanfilippo, the creator of Redis (a NoSQL Key-Value store), has debuted a new file-based KV store that speaks the Redis protocol.  He calls "Redis' ugly brother" Bigdis.  The key of this monster will be to store very large files as values.  We'll have to see how this experiment evolves, since it's not yet ready for production, having been written over a weekend.

For ZumoCast, Your Devices Form the Cloud
The new ZumoCast cloud storage device tricks the software into forgetting there is cloud infrastructure.  Instead it streams files (like movies, music, and images) directly from your desktop to another internet-connected device instead of syncing across many devices.  ZumoCast works on Mac OS X or Windows, and it will run on an iPad or smartphone.  The app is free and still in the process of being approved by Apple.  We'll see if they block it because it might conflict with one of their upcoming services.

GNOME and LiMo Foundations Team Up
The GNOME Foundation, which develops the GNOME Linux desktop, and LiMo, a consortium that supports Linux operating systems for mobile devices, have announced an alliance to put GNOME Mobile technologies on smartphones, tablets, and netbooks.  As a result of the partnership, the LiMo Foundation will join the GNOME Foundation’s Advisory Board and the GNOME Foundation will become an Industry Liaison Partner for LiMo.

Eclipse 3.6 Hidden Treasures
Why should you have to dig for Helios' hidden treasure?

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