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Daily Dose - Ruby 1.9.2 on its Way

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Daily Dose - Ruby 1.9.2 on its Way

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The first release candidate for Ruby 1.9.2 was released this week and it passes 99% of the RubySpec tests.  It's mostly compatible with version 1.9.1 and it has a new socket API with IPv6 support.  The new RC also contains a new set of character encodings, a multiple random number generator, and plenty of new methods added to Array, Enumerable, Enumerator, File, Env, and Digest and other classes.  Ruby 1.9.2 is on pace to be released in August.

Keep Your Compojure
The release of Compojure 0.4 is finally here, and it includes reliance on Ring for all HTTP.  The concise web framework for Clojure also features route syntax handled by Clout, better documentation, no magic variables, and no included HTML generating library in version 0.4.  This version also breaks compatibility with version 0.3.

Nexenta 3 Reaches Second RC
The Nexenta Core Platform integrates Solaris features like the ZFS file system and the OpenSolaris kernel with Ubuntu userland.  The third version of the platform has reached the second release candidate which fixes several bugs.  Version 3 of the NCP will have support for ZFS deduplication and Crossbow network virtualization.  If no other issues are reported, RC2 will become the final NCP 3 release.

Microsoft Links SQL Sever CE with ASP.NET
Microsoft has enabled its free version of SQL Server (the Compact Edition) to work within ASP.NET applications.  It's excellent news for ASP.NET developers since SQL Server is a speedy and reliable industry-proven database.  You can drop in SQL Server CE and the web applications can redistribute it as a part of themselves.  You can copy the web app onto any server.  The first public beta of SQL Server CE 4.0 will be released very shortly.  

Getting Started with NoSQL and Data Scalability
Learn NoSQL and data scalability techniques through this outline of core concepts.  This Refcard is hot. 

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