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Daily Dose - Java Apps Now Work on Symbian

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Symbian's Product Dev Kit 3.0 adds the mobile runtime for Java applications (JRT) from Nokia this week, meaning developers can now write Java applications for the Symbian OS.  This week, Symbian also announced that this was the first platform kit that was 100% open source.  Finally, Microsoft made Silverlight available for Symbian this week as well.

Aleph: The Asynchronous Clojure Web Server
This week the Aleph project went up on GitHub.  It's an open source, asynchronous web server that is written in Clojure and built on top of Netty.  It conforms to the Ring interface, except the request and response are decoupled.  This gives more flexibility than the servlet model and allows straightforward usage of Clojures concurrency primitives.

Opera Mini 5.1 - For Phones with Limited Memory
Much like the Turbo option in Opera 10.5 and beyond, Opera Mini 5.1, which was released this week, compresses  web pages so that they can be viewed with less memory and bandwidth.  5.1 supports new skins for lower resolution phones, which allows more pages to be scrolled through on a given screen.  Opera Mini 5.1 is now compatible with Java phones too.  It also requires less memory and improves usability.

GoogleMe is Real
A former Facebook executive recently found out from contacts inside Google that GoogleMe is indeed real, with a large development staff.  The upcoming social network known as GoogleMe will model itself off of Facebook rather than trying to do its own thing like Google Buzz.  My guess is that Google Wave-like conversations will be a part of it.

After creating Shazam in Java, patent infringement claim
Just when you've finished writing some neat, original code, some company sends you a patent notice in the mail.  Posted by Roy van Rijn

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