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Daily Dose - Juicy Details About Scala 2.9

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Daily Dose - Juicy Details About Scala 2.9

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It seems that the Scala community is perfectly willing to convert their projects to the new 2.8 binaries (Scala 2.8, released last month, was not binary compatible with 2.7).  Over 50% of more than 500 projects have already been converted.  After a bugfix release, the developers of Scala intend to release version 2.9 in December 2010 or January 2011.  A major new feature of 2.9 will be parallel collections, which will benefit from the uniform collections framework in 2.8.  The first version of parallel collections is already available in the nightly builds.  The developers also foresee many other new features that significantly leverage multi-core computing in novel ways.

Grails 1.3.4 Fixes Plenty o' Bugs
A bunch of bugs were fixed in the newly released Grails 1.3.4.  Along with the bugfixes were a handful of improvements and new features.  You can now, for example, create skinny WARs containing only the necessary plugin dependencies.  Plugins can more easily insert Hibernate event listeners and the framework can recursively include in-place dependencies of in-place plugins.  Grails 1.3.4 has upgraded to Groovy 1.7.4

Virgo Milestone 3 Ships from Spring
The newest release of Virgo 2.1 (formerly Spring dmServer) is available this week.  The third milestone includes more performance improvements (especially for Windows).  There are also updated versions of Logback and SLF4J along with some minor bugfixes.

Ellison Stands up for his Tennis Buddy, Mark Hurd
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has responded to the HP board's recent decision to force Mark Hurd out of the CEO position in the wake of sexual harassment allegations and falsified expense reports.  Ellison, who regularly invites Hurd over to his estate for tennis matches, said the HP board admitted that they fully investigated the allegations and found them to be false.  Ellison says the essential firing of Hurd is "the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago."  

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