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Daily Dose - Vim Increases Vigor

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Daily Dose - Vim Increases Vigor

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Two years have passed since the release of Vim 7.2, and today version 7.3 is here with a few improvements, but nothing major.  Vim has remained a consistently solid editor with little need for more features.  However, this release does feature new interfaces for Lua, Python 3, and conceal text.  There is also a new persistent undo, an undo for reload, and Blowfish encryption.

HTML5 Rocks On
Version 2.0 of Google's HTML5 resource hub is live with loads of new content.  There are new guides on using HTML5 video, auditing your web app, and working with offline settings.  There are also guides for using web workers and @font-face.  

KDE For Tablets
The K Desktop Environment has shells for desktops and netbooks.  Now there is a new Plasma Mobile shell for tablets.  Since mobile devices like tablets vary widely in resolution and primary function emphasis, it's impossible to create an application that works across all devices.  The new shell is based on QtQUICk and features support for touch input.

uTouch for Ubuntu
The 1.0 version of uTouch was released by Canonical this week.  The uTouch stack allows multi-touch and gestures on Ubuntu.  The next step will be to integrate gesture APIs with existing toolkits to bring touch support to legacy applications and develop new ones.  

Charles Nutter: My Thoughts on Oracle vs Google
Read the JRuby creator's comprehensive thoughts on the Oracle v. Google situation.  Scott Bale brought us this link.

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