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Daily Dose - Arquillian 1.0 Alpha 3 has Landed

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The next alpha release of Arquillian changes the version scheme for containers, making it easier to configure for containers.  Alpha 3 also works with JBoss AS Remote 5.0, JBoss AS 6 M4, GlassFish 3 Remote, Jetty Embedded 6.1 and 7, Tomcat Embedded 6.0, Weld EE Mock 1.1, and OSGi Embedded 4.2.  The Arquillian framework for running tests in the container helps confirm that the business logic is functioning properly within the context and it checks to see if the infrastructure services are applied correctly.

Android Tablet Coming This Quarter
An Android-based rival to the iPad will ship this quarter, according to a report this weekend.  The first company to deliver a competitor will be Samsung.  Tablets from Nokia, LG, HP, and Asus will follow later this year or early next year.  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently said that creating a Windows tablet was "job one" at Microsoft.

Open App Market for Web Language Apps
An open alternative to Apple's style of app curation, OpenAppMkt is a new portal that tries to centralize all of the HTML5/CSS3/JS apps into one place with a clean UI.  For paid web apps, OpenAppMkt keeps 20% of the sale as opposed to 30% like Apple.  The company hopes this will become the de facto portal for web apps so that developers have a solid market in which to put their apps without compiling them for Android or iOS.

Early Reviews Say WP7 Will Have the Most Unique UI Yet
Several reviews have trickled in from the developers who got a chance to test the Windows Phone 7 operating system on actual devices for the past few weeks.  The reviews were mostly positive noting that there were no bugs or lags in the UI after stringent testing.  The smooth interface was unlike anything the reviewers had seen so far.  It just might be good enough to keep Microsoft in the mobile game.  

FxObjects makes JavaFX application development easy, elegant and fast
Take a look at this development framework for JavaFX.  It might change your mind about the ecosystem's lack of tooling.  Srikanth Shenoy brought us this link.

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