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Daily Dose - Spring 3.0.4 Supports Ehcache 2.2, EclipseLink 2.1, and More

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Daily Dose - Spring 3.0.4 Supports Ehcache 2.2, EclipseLink 2.1, and More

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The 3.0.4 update to Spring includes 80 different bugfixes and enhancements.  Some highlights include support for updated third-party tools like Hibernate Core 3.6, Hibernate Validator 4.1, EclipseLink 2.1, and Ehcache 2.2.  There are also several enhancements for SpEL, @MVC, and JSR-303 support.

Firefox 4 Beta 4 has Initial Hardware Acceleration
On Monday, Mozilla will release the fourth beta of Firefox 4.  This version will have Windows Direct2D acceleration, but it won't be enabled by default since it's not completely stable.  Other browsers are also well on their way to enabling hardware acceleration.  Chris Blizzard, Mozilla's head of web development, boasts that Firefox 4 will be "one generation ahead of everyone else."

Djangy: Like Heroku, but for Django
A website with a private beta sign-up for "Djangy" appeared this week.  Not a lot is known about the service yet, but observers predict that this will be a PaaS for Django applications that is similar to Heroku (which is used to easily and seamlessly deploy Ruby on Rails apps).  

Clojure 1.2 Finished!
The 1.2 version of Clojure is now GA.  The language now includes protocols, datatypes, sequence library enhancements, and support for annotations.  1.2 also incorporates enhancements from clojure-contrib, such as I/O, string, and pretty printing facilities.

Four Things to Remember about java.lang.String
A post covering four things programmers tend to forget or misunderstand when working with Java strings: (1) Strings Equality, Normalizer, and Collator (2) The substring() method might cause memory leaks (3) String.intern() and (4) Strings are immutable.  Thanks to Eyal Lupu for this link.

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