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Daily Dose - Why Bundle Flash with Chrome? ..Faster Security Patches

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Daily Dose - Why Bundle Flash with Chrome? ..Faster Security Patches

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The SecBrowsing blog noted a major change in the speed at which users updated their Flash version during the last patch.  The blog measured the number of visitors using Chrome with an updated version of Flash over the span of a couple weeks.  For the June 10 update the shift was slow and gradual, but for the August 10 release, about 70% of Chrome users had updated their version of Flash within two days of the update.  That's the internalized Flash plugin working its magic.

OpenSolaris Governing Board Quits
Having reached the ultimatum deadline, and with the recent news of OpenSolaris' demise, the OpenSolaris Governing Board voted unanimously to dissolve.  The ultimatum of dissolution was given after Oracle continued to ignore the OGB, and now we know why Oracle kept ignoring them.  The open development of OpenSolaris is effectively over.  However, the project is rising from the ashes in a fork of OpenSolaris called Illumos.

CouchDB Goes Nuclear
Couchio recently announced that Apache CouchDB is now being used by the European Organization for Nuclear Research ( CERN), which is the world’s largest center for scientific and nuclear research.  CERN uses CouchDB to access and consolidate data with limited access to a website.

iPhone to Borrow Google's Goggles
One of the hottest apps that is currently only found on Android is now coming to the iPhone.  Google engineer David Petrou says that the Google Goggles app is being completely rewritten for the iOS.  Google Goggles looks at the photos taken by a smartphone's camera and uses them to visually search the web or stores it as information.

Configuration Management position – can be done by anyone. Or can it?
Learn why config manage can't be done by just anyone.  Kudos to Evgeny Goldin for this link.

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