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Daily Dose - Adobe's McAllister Speaks Out Against Oracle

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Daily Dose - Adobe's McAllister Speaks Out Against Oracle

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In a recent blog entry, Adobe's open source and standards director David McAllister remarked that “the axis of evil has shifted south about 850 miles or so," in Silicon Valley.  McAllister criticized Oracle's handling of OpenSolaris and its recent lawsuit against Adobe's mobile buddy, Google.  "I have no problem making money from open source code," he said.  "I have no problem with others doing so.  I do have problems with removing community involvement once it has shown that it can create, drive, and maintain such efforts."  McAllister continued taking shots, saying "Oracle has managed to move into the role formerly played by Microsoft, and I didn’t even know that they were understudying it...  Oracle has smart people. They understand open source and its drive to developers. And yet, suddenly, it seems that Oracle is viewing ‘Open Source’ as a new cash cow."  McAllester's point of view is his alone and does not represent the opinion of Adobe, the company said.

Fedora 14 "Laughlin" Goes Alpha
The first pre-release of Fedora 14 arrived a week earlier than expected.  Some of the major changes in Fedor 14 will include a switch to systemd, a sysvinit and upstart alternative, and the inclusion of the Rakudo Star distro of Perl 6.  Fedora 14 will also update to the 2.6.35 Linux kernel.  The final release is slated for November 2nd.

Rails 3.0 Could Go Final This Week!
The Ruby on Rails developers just released the second release candidate of Rails 3.0 and announced that they are going to try their best to release the final version this week as well.  The RC2 has only a few changes to polish this release for final delivery.  Rails 3 brings together the Rails and Merb frameworks.

A New Mule
The current Mule IDE makes it easier to set up a MuleESB project in Eclipse and edit, test, and debug your Mule application.  Unfortunately, users have to go deep into building XML and understand how Mule's configuration elements can be connected.  For this reason, MuleSoft has begun work on MuleStudio - a graphical, Eclipse-based IDE for smoothly designing Mule integration flows.

My Path to SCEA 5
Jakub Holy shares his unique experiences with the Sun Certified Enterprise Architects program.

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