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Daily Dose - Early Victory for SFC in GPL Violation Cases

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Daily Dose - Early Victory for SFC in GPL Violation Cases

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This week the Software Freedom Conservancy won a default judgement and against Westinghouse Digital Electronics for not complying with the GPL in their use of BusyBox software within their products.  Near the end of 2009, the SFC began their legal action against Best Buy, Samsung (America), JVC, Western Digital, Zyxel, and Westinghouse for the BusyBox violations.  Westinghouse must now pay $90k in monetary damages.  The other cases are still ongoing.  

Android Tops BlackBerry in US Sales
Android was the Top-Selling OS in the US smartphone market last quarter (Q2), according to the NPD group.  Since 2007, BlackBerry has held the lead in US smartphone sales for its OS.  In Q2 of this year, Android phones made up 33% of total US smartphone sales.    Apple's iOS took third place this quarter with 22% of the US smartphone market.

Selenium Creator Offers Sauce OnDemand Trail to UK - They're Still on IE6

A petition was sent to the UK government earlier this week to ask that they upgrade their systems away from Internet Explorer 6, but the government replied saying it would be too costly to upgrade.  Jason Huggins, a founder of Sauce Labs and the creator of the Selenium Testing Framework, made an offer to any governmental department to test their site using a free trial of Sauce OnDemand, which tests websites on multiple browsers, in parallel, via cloud infrastructure.  

Intel Settles With the FTC
The US Federal Trade Commission has been investigating Intel for several months over allegations that they used their dominant market position to keep down competitors (especially AMD).  One example of this is when the company allegedly paid Dell enough money to stay profitable (while Dell didn't report these earnings properly), and in exchange Dell wouldn't put AMD chips in their computers.  Another allegation is that Intel was modifying its compilers to run slower with AMD silicon - making the chips seem like low performers.  In a settlement this week, Intel agreed to the FTC's ban on any threats, bundled prices, or other offers to hamper competition (Aren't these were already laws?).  Intel was also forced to change IP agreements with AMD, Nvidia, and Via so those firms could consider mergers or joint ventures without patent infringement dangers.  Finally, Intel is required to tell software developers about it's tweaked compilers.  

Getting Started with Terracotta Toolkit – Part 1
With the release of Terracotta 3.3, the Terracotta Toolkit is now available.  Can't wait to get your hands on it?  Check out this link from Ashish Paliwal.

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