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Daily Dose - New Digg CEO Enters Riot Zone

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Daily Dose - New Digg CEO Enters Riot Zone

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Kevin Rose announced that he's stepping down as the interim CEO at Digg and raising Matt Williams up to the position.  Williams has worked in a variety of management roles at Amazon and GM.  He was also the founder and CEO of LiveBid.com.  From the comments below the Digg blog post, you notice the seething hostility of a Digg community that is still bitter over the revamped site (Digg 4.0).  Williams is taking the reigns at a time when users are staging massive protests on the site by linking Digg links to Reddit (competing) links.  "Talk about dumping a pile of flaming shit onto the new guy," says tmar89.

STS 2.5 Quietly Relesed
A few tweets this week announced the release of the 2.5 version of the SpringSource Tool Suite, which continues to tighten its integration with Google technologies since the partnership between Spring/VMware and Google was announced at Google I/O.  Bugs and support holes have been fixed with Virgo tooling and Spring Roo installation.  Some issues were also fixed for creating a Grails project from existing sources.

IDE Features for Emacs - Do You Need Them?
CEDET is a bundle of tools designed to bring IDE-type features to Emacs.  Having reached version 1.0 this week, CEDET now brings features such as UML diagramming, symbol reference analysis, code generation, advanced code browsing, project management, and smart code completion to Emacs.  CEDET is more focused on C/C++ development, but not restricted to it.  CEDET 1.0 currently supports Emacs 22 and 23.1.

SVG Web Owlephant - For Displaying SVG on IE Using Flash
The SVG Web team has released the latest version of their drop-in JavaScript library that simplifies the presentation of SVG graphics on Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 using Flash.  All of SVG Web's creations are named after strange fantasy creatures.  This version has been dubbed "Owlephant" -  a cross between an owl and an elephant.  The release includes enhancements to SMIL support and graphical elements.  SVG Web now scores 55.45% on the SVG compatibility charts.

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