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Daily Dose - Release Candidate for PostgreSQL 9.0

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Daily Dose - Release Candidate for PostgreSQL 9.0

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After four months in beta, the first release candidate of the open source database, PostgreSQL, is ready for download.  PostgreSQL 9.0 includes some awesome features like Hot Standby and Steaming Replication.  The developers don't think any changes in commands, interfaces, or APIs will be needed before the final release.


A new set of MySQL bindings for Python 2.4+ and Python 3.x is getting more attention lately.  The database has several advantages that set it apart from MySQL such as real parameterization and streaming binary data or text.  OurSQL can insert and fetch rows lazily and it has unicode support on by default.  It's licensed under the BSD.

RichFaces 4.0 Adds Shiny New Stuff
The second milestone release of RichFaces 4 has several notable new features like the addition of accordion, autocomplete, implacelnput, and inputNumberSlider components.  There is also large scale stabilization of the core and CDK modules.  RichFaces 4 will be fully compatible with the JSF 2.0 spec.

Chrome Stats Rally in August
The August browser market share is in and Google's Chrome has recovered nicely from its 0.1% slide in July to finish at 7.5% market share in August - up from 7.1% in July.  Internet Explorer dropped 0.3% in August, and the other three major browsers remained pretty stable in market share.

Five Things You Should Know About ...Java Generics
They are one of the most controversial Java features.  Here are five things every Java developer should know.  

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