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Daily Dose - RC1 of MySQL 5.5 Adds InnoDB Default

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The nearly finished 5.5 version of MySQL is at the release candidate stage this week.   The 5.5 version now uses InnoDB by default instead of the old MyISAM engine.  Oracle says this will make it much faster.

Continuing the SwingX Release Tradition
Another JavaOne, another version of SwingX released.  In this latest release, version 1.6.2, the artifactID has changed from just swingx to swingx-core.  This is due to changes in the structure of the project.  This is mainly a bugfix release.

Make Mincemeat Out of Your Data With Python
Some cool developers from remembersaurus.com have released new project called mincemeat.py.  It is a Python implementation of the MapReduce distributed computing framework. Check out the MIT-licensed 0.1.1 release here.  The framework is lightweight, fault tolerant, and secure.

Qt Gets QML
Nokia's C++ GUI application framework, Qt, released version 4.7 this week.  This version incorporates the QML markup for defining user interfaces.  This should make development easier with a declarative and scripted approach.  4.7 also has hardware accelerated compositing.

Oracle to Discontinue JavaFX Script; Will Use Java API
Take a look at the biggest news out of JavaOne so far.

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