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Daily Dose - A Few More Thoughts From James Gosling

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Daily Dose - A Few More Thoughts From James Gosling

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Darryl Taft wasn't the only one who got an interview with the Father of Java this week.  The authors of the Basement Coders blog also got Gosling to do a podcast with them.  Although the sound quality is pretty low, you can find some great quotes from the conversation here.  In the podcast, Gosling talks about a wide array of subjects.  He talked about Oracle being 'ethically challenged' while also giving no quarter to Google or IBM.  My favorite quote was about IBM: "They'd do anything they can to screw Sun over. I mean, they didn’t name Eclipse casually."  Gosling also said that the .NET design was mostly copied and pasted from the Java spec.  He's betting that Oracle can make a solid case against Android and says he never "got it" when it came to SQL databases.  Gosling also saw a precursor to the iPad in 1992 where he worked.  One other interesting allegation was that Sun was sold because a handful of investment banks that controlled most of the board needed liquidity fast.

Spring Web Flow 2.2 Reaches RC Stage
The first release candidate of Spring Web Flow 2.2 has upgraded to dojo 1.5 and includes dojox in the custom build.  The Spring JavaScript jar has been split into two artifacts for Java and for non-Java resources.  2.2 also has a working Portlet 2.0 and JSF 1.2 sample and features a Facelets tag library for Spring Security.  Finally, there is a JSF 2 Spring Travel sample built on PrimeFaces

Debian Relaxes Requirements for Developer Status
Debian project leader Stefano Zacchiroli proposed that Debian contributors that don't maintain packages should also be recognized as official project developers.  This proposal will allow more Debian contributors to participate in the voting process and have full access to the Debian infrastructure.  The move should help grow the number of developers who want to contribute.

Legacy Assets Supposedly Delay Novell Sale
A report from Reuters says that the acquisition of Novell has been delayed due to the non-Linux portions of the company, which Novell is having trouble selling.  Once again, Novell is asking for more money than buyers are willing to pay.  Six months ago they rejected a $2 billion bid from Elliot Associates.

JavaOne 2010 Day Two
Learn what happened on Day 2.

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