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Daily Dose - Lift Raised to the Next Level

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The Scala-based web framework, Lift, has reached version 2.1 with a few new features to add to the large list from 2.0.  The support is now tighter for the most recent version of Scala, 2.8.  There's also improved support for NoSQL data stores MongoDB and CouchDB.  Finally, Squeryl support has been added.

Spring Releases the 1.0 Version of Their Very Own ActionScript
Originally a derivative of the Java Spring Framework written in ActionScript 3.0, the newly released Spring ActionScript 1.0 is finally here.  Flex/Flash developers should check out this IoC container, which is configurable in XML or MXML.  It contains an EventBus for loose communications between app components, utilities for abstracting server communication, support for modules, and metadata/annotation processing.

Windows Phone 7 Launches October 21st
Europe will be getting the Windows Phone 7 first this fall with a large advertising campaign and world wide launch events.  Spain, Italy, the UK, and France will be getting the first devices on October 21st.  The US can expect Windows Phones shortly thereafter in early November.

New Nutch
In April, Apache Nutch along with six other Apache projects, was given 'top-level' status after its extensible framework for building large-scale web search became very valuable, especially on top of Hadoop, Lucene/Solr, and Tika.  This week Nutch 1.2 was released.  Nutch 1.2 has fixed a number of bugs and made the index more plugin configurable.

JavaOne 2010 Day Four Recap
Find out what happened on the final day at JavaOne.  Thanks to Hamlet D'Arcy for posting.

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