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Daily Dose - Android Doesn't Count Upgrades as Activations Either

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Google responded to Steve Jobs' implications at the iPod/Apple TV/iOS presentation this week.   At the presentation he said that Apple estimates about 230k new activations of iOS devices every day.  Jobs said that Apple thinks they're ahead of everyone else because "some of our friends are counting upgrades in their numbers."  Google, thinking this referred to them, sent a release saying that they also don't include upgrades and they only include devices that have Google services, so the number of Android devices actually might be larger than their current estimate of 200k new activations daily.  Of course, Jobs could have been referring to Nokia, who claims 300k daily activations.

Infinispan 4.1 All Finished
The release of Infinispan 4.1 was relatively quiet this week.  The release is very important however, because it has a bunch of bugfixes and performance enhancements.  It also includes new features like server endpoints, a Java-based client for the Hot Rod protocol, and the new LIRS eviction algorithm.

Windows Phone 7 Reaches RTM
After millions of hours of stress tests, automated tests, active self-hosting use, and developer testing, the Windows Phone 7 OS has been released to manufacturing.  This means that the internal engineering team's work on the OS is largely complete.  The first new Windows Phones are expected sometime in October.  

An Open Source Alternative to Google Analytics
Piwik, the open source GPL licensed web analytics engine, has reached version 1.0.  The project aims to be a viable open source alternative to Google Analytics.  It provides detailed reports on visitors (unique and repeat), the search keywords they used, their language, your popular pages, and more.  Piwik has a PHP backend with MySQL.  In 1.0 the UI is fully customizable with a powerful plugin architecture.

21 Ridiculously Impressive HTML5 Canvas Experiments
Take a peek at some of the latest, cutting edge examples out there.

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