Daily Dose - Larry Hires Bosom Buddy Mark Hurd, HP Sues

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Daily Dose - Larry Hires Bosom Buddy Mark Hurd, HP Sues

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He called it "the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs."  Now Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has put his money where his mouth is and hired tennis buddy and HP ex-CEO Mark Hurd as Co-President of Oracle, squeezing out Charles Phillips.  There's just one problem, HP claims that Hurd has breached a protective contract preventing Hurd from sharing company secrets with people like Larry.  HP is now suing Herd for joining a company where he's likely to divulge the super-secret HP business plans he'd formulated for the next two years.  The $40-$50 million severance package (which included $12 million in straight cash) might also have something to do with why HP is so pissed.

GNU Debugger Gets Support for the D Programming Language
The GNU Debugger is known for supporting a wide array of programming languages including Ada, C, C++, FreePascal, Fortran, and Objective-C.  This week's new release of the debugger adds support for the D programming language.  Version 7.2 also adds enhancements to C++ and Python debugging support.

Thinking About Going to War With Red Hat?  Think again!
Anyone who wants to take on Red Hat should think twice, because the company board just named General H. Hugh Shelton (US Army, Retired) as the new chairman.  This also means that former Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik is finally stepping down as chairman after seven years on the board.  Shelton is a former two-term chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Python 3.x Searches for Stability
The efforts to stabilize the 3.x series of Python are moving forward with the release this week of Python 3.2 Alpha 2.  Last November, the Python developers passed a moratorium on changing Python 3's syntax for a few years.  Therefore, there are no changes to the language or built-in types in this release, but there are improvements in handling the Python Global Interpreter Lock.  Memory leaks, crashes, and other errors have been fixed as well.  

Know the JVM Series – 1 – The Uncaught Exception Handler
There are plenty of overlooked and under-explained features in the Java API.  This article is the first in a series of blogs that will address some of these features in more detail.  Thanks for the link, Yohan Liyanage.

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