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DZone Daily Dose: Google's "Arctic Sea" Web-App Amp Up

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DZone Daily Dose: Google's "Arctic Sea" Web-App Amp Up

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The Google Chrome 10 beta has been released with the 'Arctic Sea' application, the next stage in Google's Native Client software foundation. Using the new software foundation, developers can build Native Client modules for Chrome.  These modules will allow users to safely run online programs at near-native speeds.  Native Client (NaCl) also includes a plugin interface called "Pepper".  NaCl is turned off by default, but you can turn it on with Chrome's about:flags mechanism. Future releases will provide support for 3D graphics and Web Sockets technology. These will most likely be available in the anticipated "Baltic Sea" application release.

JavaScript Optimization "Cranked Up" for Chrome 10 Beta

"Arctic Sea" wasn't the only new thing in Chrome 10.  Google's Javascript engine, V8, got an overhaul in the Chrome 10 beta with the addition of ' Crankshaft'.  Essentially, Crankshaft is a newly-revised compilation infrastructure for the original V8 engine. Computation intensive Javascript applications are enhanced, often by a factor of two.  Developers now have the power to create more complex JavaScript applications.

Jdrops are Falling on my Head, from JSON in the Cloud

Thanks to developer Steve Sounders, JSON data can now be stored in the cloud. Jdrop serves as a repository for storing performance data from mobile devices. Jdrop allows users to easily view and analyze HTTP headers and HTTP waterfall charts on a larger screen.  Please note that Jdrop software is still in the beta phase, and will be subject to upgrades in the near future.

Arriving Soon! Firefox 4 for Android

Within weeks, Firefox 4 will be released for Anrdoid devices.  A version for Nokia Maemo will also be available, along with 150 browser add-ons. Mozilla developers claim that the future Firefox browser will be more customizable, including automatic login for websites and a host of other features.

Groovy 1.7.8 released

Thanks Andres Almiray for sharing the newest version of Groovy!

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