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This week, DZone is covering O'Reilly's newest addition to their conference circuit—a conference devoted entirely to software architecture.  The O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference is taking place this week in Boston and features an all-star speaker guest-list:

  •   Adrian Cockcroft, Battery (formerly Netflix - he led the charge in building their microservices architecture)
   •   Martin Fowler, DZone MVB, Agile Manifesto founder, ThoughtWorks
   •   Simon Brown, DZone MVB, Author of "Software Architecture for Developers"
   •   Bryan Cantrill, CTO, Joyent (Node.js community leader)
   •   Ben Evans, Author of “The Well Grounded Java Developer” and the current edition of "Java in a Nutshell"
   •   Mark Richards, Author of "Java Message Service"
   •   Ben Hindman, Co-creator of Apache Mesos
   •   Brian Sletten, Authored DZone’s REST refcard

That's just to name a few.

I've already talked with Simon Brown and attended a session by Brian Sletten, and I'll be posting some takeaways from those events very soon.  You can keep up with what's happening by following @DZone, @mpron, and the #OReillySACon hastag on Twitter.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the event:

It's fitting that the Software Architecture Conference is taking place across from the Boston Architectural College.  Beautiful architecture indeed!

And here are some inspirational quotes around software architecture from the O'Reilly booth (exhibitions start tommorrow, that's why it's empty)

And the final quote from the wall:
"A good architect should lead by example" --John Davies

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