Introducing DZone Jobs - A Brand New Developer-Focused Job Board

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Introducing DZone Jobs - A Brand New Developer-Focused Job Board

Today, we're excited to announce that we are launching a new service, DZone Jobs, to help developers connect with new organizations and better opportunities.

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At DZone, “developer” is in our DNA, and it has been since the early days of Javalobby nearly 20 years ago. Today we help millions of developers world-wide, at DZone.com, learn new skills and technologies, and progress in their careers.

We even make our own software, AnswerHub, specifically designed to help others build and grow their own developer communities.

This focus on developers has been our guiding light and the litmus test that we use whenever we venture into something new.

Developers are Needed for Continued Tech Growth

If you’re reading this on DZone.com, then you likely agree with us—developers are important. And as we move into a future built on technology, their importance will continue to grow.  In fact, developer unemployment already runs at a near industry low of 2.12%.  With developers in such high demand, you’d think that they’d be in a job that they’re happy doing—loving work. 

In truth, 65% of developers aren’t currently in a job that they love and want to go to each day*(Stackoverflow 2017 Developer Hiring landscape).  This leads to 15% of all developers actively looking for new jobs and 63% open to hearing about new opportunities. After all, developers, if anything, are always open to trying something new.

In this context, we know there is more DZone can do to help developers find their role in building the future.

Introducing DZone Jobs

And so, today, we are excited to announce that we are launching a new service, DZone Jobs, to help developers connect with new organizations and better opportunities. DZone.com is home to some of the most diverse, experienced developers on the planet, and DZone Jobs will cater to you, our awesome members, focusing on jobs that help take your career to the next level while helping our excellent sponsors find the very best developers to build world-changing technology. 

DZone Jobs - Developer Job Board

Like everything at DZone, DZone Jobs will be free for our members. We have made it easy for you to sign in with LinkedIn and build out your living resume. You have complete control to allow (or not!) hiring companies to contact you. To cater to the specifics of our industry, you can search for jobs by different skills, stacks/technologies, and locations.

DZone Jobs - Jobs + Skills

You can even save those searches and get a regular email alerting you to new relevant postings. And if you just want to take a look around, you can easily conduct a search for employers you might like to work for.

DZone Jobs - Employer Directory

For employers (and I know there’s plenty of you here!), DZone Jobs offers a ton of flexibility in both its postings and in the ability to search for those passive job seekers among the DZone audience.

We’ve put together an array of products to fit the needs of any size company.  Start with a single posting or buy a bundle of 5 or 10. If you need to hire a lot of developers – look at our annual subscription and get unlimited postings for a year. 

Recruit Top Developer Talent for Your Team

And... to kick things off, we’re going all out and extending free posting credits to all DZone members.  Pass along the code HIREDEVS to your company’s hiring manager or use it yourself. 


Share DZone Jobs With Your Friends

Like everything at DZone, this tool will only be useful with active community participation. I hope that you will join us in spreading the news about DZone Jobs, so that we can help developers everywhere find the perfect opportunity.

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Job Seekers:

Twitter: Apply with #DZoneJobs to advance your #dev career! Easily select opportunities by location, skills, or stacks. http://bit.ly/2pJvHBP

LinkedIn: Are you looking to advance your dev career? Apply with DZone Jobs to find exclusively developer opportunities.  You can select opportunities by location, skills, or stacks and easily create a profile with your LinkedIn account. http://bit.ly/2p58V8M


Twitter: Employers – connect to skilled developers with DZone Jobs! Use code HIREDEVS for 1 free job post. http://bit.ly/2pJwZga #devjobs

LinkedIn: DZone is excited to launch a new job board for devs - DZone Jobs! We encourage employers to use our promo code to test it out with a free posting. Just click “Post a Job”, and enter the code “HIREDEVS”. This gives you a free job post at a $250 value! http://bit.ly/2qJDIoQ


Thank you for all your support; our team is very excited about this addition to the DZone family and we have some great new features in the backlog to integrate this more and more into DZone.com.

As always, feedback is welcome! Feel free to email me directly at matt@dzone.com or grab the team on chat that’s on the new DZone Jobs

See you there!


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