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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (1/25/13)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (1/25/13)

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9 Uncomfortable Truths About Open Source 
I wouldn't call them truths for sure, but this article is certainly a little sobering.  The author argues that cloud computing undermines open source, that open source isn't a meritocracy, and that open source communities are sexist.  Not a great day for open source sentiments given the story that proved there are still a lot of jerks in the open source community. Other things are argued as well, but there are some positives too.  Microsoft doesn't hate OSS anymore.

Open Source Licenses vs. Business Models 
Does the FOSS license choice steer a company's business model, or does the business model steer the FOSS license?

Why Everyone (Eventually) Hates (or Leaves) Maven
Neal Ford is newest blogger to take a dump on Maven.  He's an Emacs fan.
dr who

Only time lords can endure the infinite expanse of time… so lonely...

The Java Developer from Crete 
An engaging interview with Heinz Kabutz, who lives on the beautiful island of Crete, home of legendary Minotaur and its labyrinth.  Heniz shares his insight and reflects on how much better Java devs have gotten at unit testing.  However, he believes that unit testing is still lacking in concurrent code.  He also had an un-conference that met in Crete.  I would jump at the chance to attend that!

My first stop would be the ruins of Knossos.  The palace of the mythical King Minos.

Tracking Lifecycle Changes of OSGi Bundles 
There are 2 different techniques for OSGi Bundle tracking.  Learn theme here in this well-organized tutorial.


Jersey 1.17 Released 
See the most recent changes made to the open source reference implementation for JAX-RS.

MySQL 5.6 is Nearly GA 
The world's most popular open source RDBMS is about to launch it's newest version.  It's time you got informed about what's new…

Fun Tool: Advanced Data Mining And Machine learning System (ADAMS) 
Found a new open source "workflow tool" for machine learning.  It's looking pretty good coming from the same people who built WEKA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weka - a suite of machine learning software written in Java.


Microsoft Ad is Super-Nostalgic, but Ineffective

Wow.  The people who made this ad get me.  Yes, I proudly wore my light-up shoes and fanny pack while playing pogs in my hey day.  I loved watching this video, but it didn't make me want to buy a Surface or download IE.  Mainly because they're inadvertently associating IE with old fads of the 90s, implying that IE is a nostalgic relic as well.

The Best 404 Page Ever. 
Anybody a fan of the game " Lemmings"?  My coworker was able to save 303 of the 404 lemmings in this little game.  I preferred to watch them die.  It's even better when you make them all explode, as displayed in this video:

So… beautiful….  *tears*

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