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DZone Links You Don't Want to Miss! (1/28/13)

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DZone Links You Don't Want to Miss! (1/28/13)

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A Snapshot of Today's Dev Community - Stack Overflow Stats from 2012 
Some stats from last year's Stack Overflow user commmunity.  Here are the most interesting sections:

Check out the full infographic in the link above for more.

The IDE as a Value 
More interesting tidbits from Chris Granger, the guy who's developing LightTable.  LightTable is a neat project that is re-envisioning what the IDE can be.

5 Tips to Optimize SSL 
SSL is not slow!  You're just lazy!  (Sorry, I didn't mean that)  But seriously, check out these 5 simple tips.  Nginx commands now included. 

Learning Knockout.js, Simplified 
If you're using JavaScript, you ought to get familiar with Knockout, and the best way to do that is with this glorious interactive tutorial site.

A Small Startup's Inpression of Scala: The Good and the Bad  
If you're a Scala enthusiast, or Scala-curious, you'll be interested to hear what Qamine has to say about it.


Do The Right Thing, Apple 
Whether they did it for good PR, or because they actually have a heart, Apple made the right call today by firing one of its Chinese manufacturers for frequently hiring underage  (under 16yo) workers.

New Bill to Increase H-1B Visa Cap 
This is awesome news for Silicon Valley, where so many bright candidates are turned away because of strict immigration laws.

PuppetDB 1.1 Launches 
The open source server management tool, Puppet, is so much powerful with the data storage and manipulation provided by PuppetDB.  This tool just reached version 1.1 and it now has an enhanced query API, an improved fact query, improved subquery and RegEx support, and better performance.

Groovy 2.1 Arrives 
Good news!  Groovy now "offers full support for the JDK 7 “invoke dynamic” bytecode instruction and API."


The Logical Progression of Our Buzzwords: NoSQL Parody Video
This man speaks the truth...

For more classic NoSQL parodies, Check out  MongoDB is Web Scale or  Fault-Tolerence shown below

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