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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/15/13)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/15/13)

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An Amazing New Java Library!
There's a fun 'aha!' moment halfway through this Graham Lea article.

Are You A Lone Wolf Coder? 
This is actually a 'women in programming' focused article that looks at how many women think that programming is an anti-social job.  Is it that way for you?

An Easy-As-Pie HTML5 Mobile Game Dev Platform 
The examples, docs, and resources are all well organized and robust on the website for this new platform.  Looks like a great place to get started if you haven't built an HTML5 game before.

NoSQL = Porn… What?  
Another great post from the Cornell professor who recently declared that MongoDB wasn't fault-tolerant.  This time he's taking on the mischaracterization of NoSQL caused by marketers.  Like pornography, people say that they'll know NoSQL "when I see it".  The definition he ends up with is: "NoSQL: a broad class of data management systems where the data is partitioned across a set of servers, where no server plays a privileged role." Like or dislike?


LHC Will Shut Down For 2 Years To Get Upgrades
And you were complaining about how slow your iOS upgrade was.  Aren't we spoiled?

Developers At Rap Genius vs. Heroku
This week, the developers at Rap Genius (an awesome and funny site for explaining the meaning behind popular rap lyrics) went public with their complaints about how the Rails Dyno instance degraded in value.  Their article and the recent update are all very in-depth performance simulations for Dynos.  

The US Declassifies Flying Saucer Plans
Many people don't realize that there were a lot of mentions of this project, even back in the 1950s.  This project was actually declassified in 2001, but it's taking the researchers years to get around to all the documents.  Apparently 2 billion pages are still waiting to be opened.  What other crazy Cold War projects did the US have?

Mulder still believes...


A Web Comic for Web Developers
This comic has been running for a year now and I'm surprised I haven't found it until now.  The updates are frequent, the art is high-quality, and its usually spot-on with it's humor.

You Had Me At "Hello World" 
The perfect valentine cards for, or from, programmers.


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