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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/18/13)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/18/13)

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Steve Yegge's Predictions from 2004
Now this was a fun little blast from the past.  Steve Yegge (who I think is awesome) made some interesting predictions almost 10 years ago that just show how much things have changed in ways we could never have predicted.  That fact is made clear by his forecasts, which are mostly wrong… dead wrong.  And they probably look pretty silly to us today, but that's the nature of hindsight.  2 things he did predict correctly: "Someone will make a lot of money by hosting open-source web applications" and "A new internet community-hangout will appear. One that you and I will frequent."

Facebook 'Keeps Everything' They Work On: Making 'Big Data' Ginormous Data
This article gives us a few more tidbits of information not widely known about Facebook's constantly shifting form.  My favorite quotes were “You and your friends are seeing subtly different Facebook pages, you just don’t know it,” and "the company’s philosophy about analytics is “keep everything.”"  Oh my.

If Facebook were a reality TV show, they would be "Hoarders".  Yes, they admitted that in the article.

When Async is Better Than Sync
As JavaScript becomes more and more popular, you'll need to learn to deal with its well-handled asynchronous behavior.  If async has been hard for you to follow, this tutorial is for your.

Bruce Lawson On The WebKit Move For Opera
Web dev-hero Bruce Lawson also had some interesting things to say about the WebKit switch for Opera.  If you missed them, it might be worth it to have a look.


7-Year-Old Becomes The World's Youngest Game Programmer 
Zora Ball recently became the worlds first 7 year old to program a game.  She used the Bootstrap programming language to do it.

EFF Proposes Software Patents Include WORKING CODE! 
It sounds so obvious doesn't it?  But the EFF knows too well that current US software patents require no working code or limits to just the invention that the patent claims.  The EFF suggests that patents have working code along with detailed line-by-line notations explaining how it works.


The Most Annoying Homemade Gadget Ever
It will never let you win…

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