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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/22/13)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/22/13)

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Rails, You Have Turned into Java. Congratulations! 
A bold opinion, but he does update saying that a major difference is the JCP.  And although the author, Tim O'Brien, doesn't care for the JCP he does admit that not having to agree on standards and APIs in Rails' development has hurt the project.

Automation vs. Agile  
The blog at sprint.ly makes a good point by challenging two tenants of the Agile Manifesto.  Specifically the ones that encourage individual interaction and face-to-face conversation.  While it's important to keep that aspect, the blog notes that the manifesto was written before the mergence of modern automation and cloud technologies and they assert that you're taking a bigger risk if you don't evolve and invest in some automation tools.  Although, they are a tool vendor.  Still, I agree that for medium-to-large software shops, widespread automation is going to become a competitive edge that can't be ignored.

SaaS Startup Valuation Framework 
Some great charts here that show how hard it is to be a viable SaaS startup, despite how easy it might seem and how many there are. 

James Gosling Screwed Us
Basically this blogger argues that it's unreasonable to expect to 'write once, run everywhere'.  If you take a page from Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs, you'll see that it's more crucial to start with the customer and work backwards from there.


JDK 8 Dev Preview Pushed Back 
The feature complete developer preview of Java 8, Milestone 7, is being pushed back after some difficulty finishing the enhancements around Project Lambda.  Mark Reinhold will figure out how much of a delay is forthcoming for the milestone next month.

Riak 1.3 Unleashed 
A new version of the Riak NoSQL store is out with several cool features, including one that sounds like it's out of a sci-fi novel: Active Anti-Entropy

Hyperion Time Tombs)
I knew I'd heard the term "anti-entropic fields" somewhere...


Clownspace: The Story of Figby the Contractor 
A great story about a contractor's utterly useless code and crappy entrenched workers.  dadhacker.com has the best stuff.


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