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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (1/30/13)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (1/30/13)

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Functional Programming is Coming
Neal Ford published a great tutorial on IBM DevWorks about helping Java developers to get started with functional programming in Scala or Clojure.  There was some buzz last week around an article claiming that functional programming in Java was dangerous.  We covered Ted Neward's rebuttal.  Both Neward and Ford believe that now is the time to learn this paradigm even if you aren't planning on using it in the near future.  Over time, Ford believes all mainstream languages will become more funcitonal.

When To Write Bad Code
Sometimes writing ugly code is the only way to move forward.  It's crazy to expect your first draft to be perfect right?

7 NoSQL Misconceptions
The CEO of 10gen wrote a pretty good article clearing up several misconceptions that he has seen in the IT industry around NoSQL.

NoSQL and RDBMS: A Love/Hate List
I think this article on NoSQL and RDBMS was even better though...   I like how she uses title space to over-emphasize that this is NOT a VS article.

Monitoring Sucks - A Rant
A common battle cry from the DevOps community has arisen once again from the Technical VP at PuppetLabs, James Turnbull.

How EVE Online Servers Handle 3,000-player Space Battles
To put it simply, they slow down time.  For the 3K-player battle, it was down to 10% of normal time.  Just hearing about how much time and effort go into building these ships makes it even more insane to think about how quickly these things were destroyed in a great big fight.


The Unfathomably Complex Path to US Immigration Flowchart
More interesting reviews of the US Immigration system leading up to the proposal by US Senators to increase the cap for H1-B visas, which has Silicon Valley giddy right now.


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