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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/26/13)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/26/13)

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A Critical Chrome Performance Review 
For a browser that is widely considered the fastest, Alex Hastings has some quite contrary data.  His review asserts that Chrome's history and caching behavior is broken and that WebKit and process isolation are contributing to slowness as well.

Simple Software Principles 
We know it's a constant struggle to make software simple, so here's a great article just fresh off the press to keep you oriented toward that goal with simple, but dense snippets of advice.

Understanding "Looper" in Android 
The low-level class in the Android SDK called "Looper" got a nice breakdown by Xebia.

You may also need an article to understand the movie "Looper" as well.


Azure Went Down Woldwide in Wake of Winning Performance Test vs. Amazon 
Microsoft said they'd compensate users after the service went down worldwide due to an expired SSL certificate.  DZone MVB Jonas Gauffin was one of the first to blog about this issue and break it down.  All of this is pretty sad for MS after a comprehensive performance review came out claiming that they beat Amazon in a performance test

Torvalds: "This is Not a D***-Sucking Contest" 
Linus Torvalds continues his combative streak this week with a ferocious email related to Red Hat…

Ruby: The Sequel! And the 20 Year Anniversary. 
Ruby 2.0 was finally released this week in time to mark its 20th anniversary.  Check out the new features, which include DTrace support and Lazy Enumerable classes.


No Bosses 
This one is not so much a humor article, but a surprising one.  The company is described as a "marketplace of mutual accountability"

This is one of my all-time favorite IT comics.  (Source: BonkersWorld )

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