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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/28/13)

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Coffee Science: Why It’s Good For You
Drinking coffee is a great way to experience addiction without all that rehab nonsense, but did you know that it can also lower your risk of getting diabetes?


RunRev Seeks to Expand LiveCode
RunRev  is in the last hours of a Kickstarter campaign to open source and dramatically expand LiveCode, part of an ambitious project to both teach and simplify coding:

Our vision is that this new next-generation LiveCode will be free and open source.
It will run on every popular platform and device.
It will let you write programs in English.
And by being open, its English language programming will be extensible to any computing problem out there. That's a world first.

You can read more here .

Using Crouton to Set Up Ubuntu
For the Chromebook  users out there (or anyone trying to persuade themselves that they could use the Pixel as a dev machine), Jeremy Kahn wrote up a fantastic walkthrough for using Crouton to set up Ubuntu -- and a full-fledged local development environment -- inside ChromeOS. Not dual-booting, not virtualization: Ubuntu runs alongside Chrome, accessible via a quick keyboard shortcut. Word is it's awfully nice on the Pixel


Massively Multiplayer Bomberman! Thanks WebSockets! 
It’s time to start blowing up random people on the internet with the glorious magic of WebSockets.  This definitely tops Browser Quest. 

Need A Geeky Name For Your Company? 

You should enjoy this list of witty company name and tagline ideas from a recent discussion that DZone contributor John Cook shared on Twitter.  For example: “Turing Machine Computing: If we can’t do it, it can’t be done,” and “Heisenberg Consulting: You can have speed or quality, but not both at the same time.”

MYO Motion Control for a Jedi Wanna-Be

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