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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/1/13)

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How Pearson Uses MongoDB for Social Learning
The 10gen blog recently published an interview with Brian Carpio of Pearson about how the educational publishing giant has adopted MongoDB to as part of OpenClass, a simulated social learning platform.

20 Principles of UI Design 
A must-read for anyone who needs to have some knowledge of current usability trends.

Why Do We Have Curly Braces?
This conversation on Stackexchange sheds some light on a mysterious common practice of C-style languages.  


CloudFoundry’s 3rd Parties Are Forking Serious! 
Will the supporting vendors fork CloudFoundry’s source code if VMware and its spinoff don’t give a clear answer about whether there are plans to produce their own CloudFoundry-based competitor?  We could find out soon...

Building Community-Supported Broadband in Rural England 
A rural farming community in England decided to take the internet into their own hands, laying 180,000 meters of fiber optic cable and forming a group to run it, called Broadband for the Rural North (or B4RN). 


Stop me if you’ve seen this one before:

And if you're looking for a new wallpaper...

If that's not enough relationship advice for you, perhaps you'd like Nate Silver to run a statistical analysis of your failing romance.

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