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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/6/2013)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/6/2013)

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The History of Hadoop
Here's the first of a series of multi-media articles from GigaOm that includes interviews with the people who built Hadoop.

Developers May Be Getting 50% of Their Documentation From Stack Overflow
Maybe we need to start a new twitter hashtag: #DocsSuck.  It certainly is a problem when companies spend so much time and effort on documentation that ends up lacking enough examples.  Maybe Q&A is the new model we should look to for large swaths of our documentation.


A Treasure Trove of C++ Tools From Last.fm  
Last.fm recently open sourced their C++ used by their “Music Information Retrieval” team.  The utilities range from simple tools for turning complex objects into strings, to entire frameworks for running background processes.

Dennis Richie’s First C Compilers are on GitHub, Too

In the course of his research into the history of Unix, Robert Roach discovered a piece by Dennis Richie reproducing the first DECTape C compilers Richie created. So what did Roach do with these relics? Posted them to GitHub. If you'd like to puzzle over a piece of computing history, it's there for the taking.


US Lawmaker Claims Cycling Increases Greenhouse Gases
True story.

Humble Bundle 5 Adds Android
The newest iteration of the cross-platform Humble Bundle includes includes Android versions of popular (and charity-boosting) indie games like Dungeon Defenders and Solar 2, on top of its now-traditional Windows, OSX, and Linux support.


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